Reharmonization of Stella

Last week I had a former EIS student ask me how would/could you use harmony in 4ths on Alt7 chords. I asked, “Like where?” He said, “Like on the second chord of Stella.” So I harmonized the melody of Stella for him and explained how it was done. I love talking shop with students. I know I get just as much out of it as they do.

Although I’ve studied EIS with David Blumberg for 5 years and with Dell Hake for 1 year, I’m not associated with the Equal Interval System course. I teach what I’ve discovered from playing in bands all my life, being a head writer at Premiere Radio for 15 years writing thousands of tracks for advertising and production, extensive studio work with countless hours logged in DAWs and notation software, time spent with teachers and mentors, and from the experience of writing arrangements for several touring and recording artists.

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Nice ‘n slow… A one an a two an a…


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